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The MARA Group employs a search process for each engagement that is rigorous, collaborative, thorough and transparent. Effective recruiting takes years of experience and we continually adjust and customize our process for each client.

Once Mara is engaged to conduct the search we generally employ a four step process outlined below.

Phase 1: Consulting with the Client

  • Meet with client in person (ideally) or via teleconference to understand and ascertain organizational requirements for the position and corporate culture.
  • Discuss industry and market trends and how they may impact search.
  • Identify and understand role requirements.
  • Collaborate with client to draft job description.
  • Develop search strategy and set out timeline.

Phase 2: Sourcing

  • Internal meeting to develop targeted call list and discuss search strategy including assigning a Point Person and Recruiter(s).
  • Recruiter(s) reach out to prospects and gather potential candidates.
  • Weekly updates to client to discuss search.  If needed, collaborate with client to adjust search parameters based on initial market response and/or client’s needs.
  • Send client a profile of a potential candidates to ensure search is on right track.

Phase 3:  Screening

  • Point Person conducts in depth meeting with relevant candidates and performs competency-based assessment of each candidate.
  • Point Person prepares a detailed presentation of candidates for client including a summary of their professional background, skill-set, personality, reasons for leaving their current position, compensation expectations and other criteria that is relevant to the search at hand.
  • Point Person assists client and candidates in scheduling interviews and continues to update clients and top candidates to ensure a transparent interview process.

Phase 4: Offer Stage

  • Point Person consults with client on candidate selection.
  • Point Person communicates any candidate concerns regarding the position and/or offer to client.
  • Point Person collaborates with client on developing and finalizing an offer to the candidate selected.
  • Once offer is provisionally accepted Point Person will conduct reference check upon request by client.